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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

Wildlife, this week’s theme is challenging… I’d have loved to post some pictures of elephants, tigers, hippo’s etc in real wildlife surroundings. But too bad, I don’t live any way near to savannas or grasslands. Too bad, and I haven’t been on a safari tour either.

Ants are wildlife, no? Here are two fella’s munching off an apple. The rest of them were all hidden inside the apple.

Just kidding, 🙂 so I dug up some photo’s that I shot a year ago when we went to the zoo. Why giraffes? Well, for the most simple reason that I love giraffes. They are elegant animals -long legs you know- and I just love their neck, and not to forget their lightbrown spots and those horns. The first one was taken at Planckendael (zoo) and the second one at the zoo in Antwerp. Enjoy!



5 gedachtes over “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

  1. The juxtaposition of the giraffes in the third photo is great. Nice capture.

    Geplaatst door ceceliafutch | 09/05/2011, 13:28
  2. lovely photos… the two giraffes in the last photo look like they were about to break into a dance routine.

    Geplaatst door conspiracyofravens | 09/05/2011, 20:08
  3. Wonderful shots. My favorite is the third one.

    Geplaatst door dorisrudddesigns | 09/05/2011, 22:35
  4. i just love giraffes .. they have the most amazing eyes

    Geplaatst door PanicMonster | 10/05/2011, 16:02

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