Snapshots of Mother Nature

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

This picture was taken on April 7, 2011 around 8am. That morning I was getting ready for school when I suddenly looked out of the window and saw this scene. It seemed as if the sky was on fire. Beautiful reddish colours illuminating the sky… so I ran for my camera and this was the … Lees verder

een trio van madeliefjes


While my aunt and uncle are on holiday in Italy, my mum looks after their house and takes care of their plants. Yesterday I accompanied her when she went over to water their plants. I took my camera with me and shot some pictures of their flowers, as you can see below.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

Wildlife, this week’s theme is challenging… I’d have loved to post some pictures of elephants, tigers, hippo’s etc in real wildlife surroundings. But too bad, I don’t live any way near to savannas or grasslands. Too bad, and I haven’t been on a safari tour either. Ants are wildlife, no? Here are two fella’s munching … Lees verder

Prunus serrulata

Proud to present you the Prunus serrulata. Yes, I love this tree. Its blossoms are b-e-a-u-tiful, just like its colours. By the way, do you guys also notice ‘cupid’s arrow’? It looks just like it, no? Cupid, come out, come out wherever you are…