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Autumn II



As it was a beautiful day, I decided to go out and take some pictures. I stayed in our backyard for 1hour, walking around, shouting pics, enjoying the Autumn sun,… Then I went back inside to check out my pictures. To my surprise, I took over 100 photos. – I know, quite a lot. But … Lees verder

Phillip LaRue – Found [Let The Road Pave Itself]

As Heard on One Tree Hill Season 6, Episode 19 “Letting Go”


That was what the thermometer said this morning. It sure is cold: my ears and toes are frozen. Brrrr! But the sunrise this morning was lovely. Clear blue sky -explains the ice cold wind/weather- and nice colours filled the horizon. Starting from pink to orange to something greenish-blue and then suddenly those beams of sun. … Lees verder

Ian Axel – We Are

Believe in it It’s more than you and so much more than me Hold on to it I’ll believe in you if you believe in me I swear I’d give it all for this I’ll fall on to my knees We are the lucky ones These years coming They’ll be worth the fight and they’ll … Lees verder