Well, hello there stranger!
Let me introduce myself: my name is Stephenie, turned 20 in May, and I’m currently studying Applied Linguistics English/Spanish in Antwerp. I blog about what I feel, hear, love, taste, see, experience… .

I ♥ phOtography, music, friends & family, memories, nature, languages, books, the smell of summer, earrings, old things, m&m’s, chocolate cake, café latte, my Godchild Dries, apple-raisin bread, candles, my Nikon, One Tree Hill, Antwerp, travelling, architecture, sunshine, Malaysia, poetry, the moon & the stars, …

I must admit that I am not a very good blogger, I was just looking for my spot on the web to share my pictures. And with my new toyboy, a Nikon D3100, be prepared for a whole new load of pictures.



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