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Weekly Photo Challenge: Water


I ♥ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I snapped this picture when we went for a walk through the city after the Siljeon Moodowon Seminar, which was on May 22.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

Tate Modern, London I liked the timeline with the written words on it, and those red ‘benches’ were just a good eyecatcher. Actually, this picture was taken while I was sitting on the floor, totally exhausted of walking the entire day.


While my aunt and uncle are on holiday in Italy, my mum looks after their house and takes care of their plants. Yesterday I accompanied her when she went over to water their plants. I took my camera with me and shot some pictures of their flowers, as you can see below.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

Wildlife, this week’s theme is challenging… I’d have loved to post some pictures of elephants, tigers, hippo’s etc in real wildlife surroundings. But too bad, I don’t live any way near to savannas or grasslands. Too bad, and I haven’t been on a safari tour either. Ants are wildlife, no? Here are two fella’s munching … Lees verder