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Weekly Photo Challenge: Round

Book fare, last November. I took this picture during the annual book fare (in Antwerp) and more particularly, in the kids’ area. The Boekenbeurs is the place to be for all those bookwurms, as it’s their own book paradise! 🙂 No kidding, publishers have got several bookstands where they promote their bestsellers, the new one’s, … Lees verder

Instant Love.

  Another formulation for the well-known saying “Love at first sight”.

Prunus serrulata

Proud to present you the Prunus serrulata. Yes, I love this tree. Its blossoms are b-e-a-u-tiful, just like its colours. By the way, do you guys also notice ‘cupid’s arrow’? It looks just like it, no? Cupid, come out, come out wherever you are…

14/4 – 18/4 @ London

Lon·den Eye – /ˌlʌndən ˈaɪ/ a large moving wheel next to the River Thames in London with glass sections for people to sit in and look at the city Tomorrow I’m leaving on a 5 day trip to London with some of my English peers. Really looking forward to the trip, we’ve got a rather … Lees verder